Advertising And How It’s Changed In Twenty Years


Advertising has been around as long as we can think, from the very old TV commercials in the fifties, radio jingles, billboards, bus stop seat backs and more. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of ways to advertise businesses, sales, promotions and more. These days the face of advertising has changed a lot what with the increasing global use of things like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. So just how has advertising changed in 20 years? We took a look at it and you might be surprised by the results!

Social Media

Social media has, in the last ten years, really taken off and become something that almost everyone has in some shape or form. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any of the other numerous social media streams available today, it seems that everyone is connected in some way at all times. Many have used this as a way to get noticed by potential customers by creating Facebook pages for their businesses – essentially an informative, interactive page where their business can be noticed, get reviews and interact with clients and customers. Add to this the ability to pay for sponsored ads on Facebook which target specific audiences and you have one awesome platform from which businesses can handle queries and complaints alongside posting about promotions and sales all in one place.

Less Air Time

Does anyone even listen to the radio anymore? It seems less and less of us do, and so fewer and fewer businesses are finding value in paying for radio ads. TV advertisements seem to still be a popular option, however with more people turning to streaming services as well as being able to pause, rewind or fast forward live TV, it’s making it less likely TV ads are being seen as well. In this sense more businesses are turning to online advertising to reach their audiences such as PPC Cornwall, an online form of advertising that many find valuable.

Website Ads

With more people online than ever before surfing the internet and doing various things online, it makes sense that companies want to capitalise on the potential for advertising. Many people who have private blogs or websites are able to make money off this as well through selling advertisement space to companies on their sites, something made possible through the likes of Google AdSpace. Facebook also sells ad space to big companies and tailors it using algorithms to target specific audiences.

Less Paper

Fewer companies are focusing on putting ads in newspapers, magazines or as flyers today as well. Not only are companies promoting more interest in the environment and reducing waste, but more and more people are opting to read the news or magazines online. The result is more digitised versions of advertisements through websites or even the online versions of newspapers and magazines which works well for not just businesses but the environment as well! Win-win!

So there you have a couple of key ways advertising has changed in the last twenty years or so and the ways it’s developing as the world changes.

2019 Wedding Season Survival Guide


Now that 2019 is here and taking off with speed, you might be expecting to get invited to a wedding or four this coming summer. While weddings can be a great time and are really enjoyable, the stress of finding the perfect gift, the perfect outfit or a hotel room can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve written this handy wedding season survival guide!

The Outfit

When it comes to outfits, weddings are your one chance to really get dolled up and wear your best. Typically men will want to wear a suit unless the wedding is casual, with women typically opting for dresses or flowy trousers with a shimmery or floral top for summer weddings. Buying a wedding outfit can sometimes work out to be fairly expensive, but it doesn’t have to, and in fact you can reuse many outfits from past weddings or from more formal functions you’ve been to in the past. Try not to wear the same outfit to weddings in the same family though as it’s sometimes seen as a bit of a social faux pas.

The Gift

The gift is always a stressful part for many people who are attending weddings but with more and more couples living together before marriage these days, the days of gift registries and buying pots and pans are somewhat behind us. Cash is king for wedding gifts in recent years and for good reason – with cash the couple can choose what to spend it on and they don’t end up with four ice cream scoops or two toasters which is preferable to how things used to be!

The Party

The wedding reception is always a great time and well worth sticking around late into the night for. With everyone in a party mood, amazing food to be had, and a great dance afterwards, it’s easy to see why receptions are such great fun. Not only this, but depending on the family and the couple getting married there may or may not be an open bar, meaning you don’t pay a cent for drinks. Some people may have a full pay bar where you pay a regular price for drinks and some others will have a pound or two pound bar where all drinks are a set price. Whatever type of bar or reception though, you’re almost guaranteed to have a great time.

So if you’ve been wondering about your next wedding and what you should do for the outfit, the gift or what kind of reception you might be in for, hopefully this short wedding guide will help you prepare yourself for wedding season!

Sprucing Up Your Home With Ease


When it comes to redoing our homes, it can be easy to get carried away with focusing on rooms like the living room, bedrooms or kitchen, but did you know that dining areas can use a little TLC too? Many people often forget about the dining room, leaving it to stay back in time with other sometimes neglected rooms. Normally this space gets neglected if you have a separate dining area instead of one incorporated in your kitchen either as a breakfast nook or small dining table. Here are some great ways you can begin to do up your dining area to make it more modern and elegant with just a few simple changes!

The Table

When it comes to the table, it seems these days less is more. Fewer people are opting for those huge, wooden tables that seat ten or twelve people with matching heavy wooden chairs and are going instead for sleeker, more modern, country kitchen kind of tables. Some people in smaller spaces either have a breakfast bar as their permanent table or they go with tables that can fit into tiny corners with minimal seating. If you want to host friends, consider purchasing a table with removable leaf so that you can make it smaller when you aren’t playing party host.


If you like the mish mash kind of vibe that most people are going for these days, consider using many different types of chairs in your dining space. A little kitschy, a little country kitchen, the mix of colours, styles, and cushioning can really add some character to a space. While it depends what else you have going on with the dining area – for example, a heavy china cabinet might not work well with a table of mix n’ match chairs – it can work with a kitchen breakfast nook or in an apartment with similar style.


Decorating the dining area can help bring a great ambience to the room, especially when you’re having those romantic dinners for two or when you have friends over. Great candle holders are a perfect way to decorate a table easily, elegantly and without being over the top. Use elegant and simple floral arrangements for a smaller table. In conjunction with candle holders, simple flowers make the perfect centrepiece.


There are so many options for placemats out there these days that it’s a wonder not everyone uses them! From elegant woven bamboo to impressive marble-like slabs, placemats can be as simple or as fancy as you like. Matching coasters are also often available with many people using placemats to make a table setting look more elegant. Check your local china or home furnishing store for the wide variety they surely have on offer.

So if you’re one of those people who has done up every room of their home but have neglected the dining room, worry no more. Hopefully these few tips will get you on the road to having the ultimate in entertaining space.

Essential Tools For Your Fireplace

There are few sweeter moments in this world than sitting at home on a cold night, relaxing by your fireplace as the flames leap and dance, the logs crackle and the smell of burning wood fills the air. If you are fortunate enough to have a real fireplace or hearth in your home then it is something which you should definitely make use of. In recent decades we have seen the disappearance of these real fires, as many close up their chimneys in favor of modern heating systems and radiators. If however you are the type of enjoys relaxing by the fire, here are some of the essential tools which you will need.


You can run just about anything that you wish to but the longest burning fuel is of course logs, and you need to make sure that you know where to get your hands on them. You can buy pre-cut logs or you can cut the logs on your own, the choice is yours. Make sure that you get a nice wrought iron log basket to store your logs in, which can give an authentic look to the fireplace.


The andiron for your fire is an important bit of kit which you are going to need if you haven’t already. Basically this is the part of the hearth which is on the face of the fire, and which stops the logs from falling out. You should make sure that this is sturdy and well welding to the fireplace as if it fails, you will end up with smoldering embers on the floor, which presents a very real risk of setting the house on fire, something we all wish to avoid.


The fire sometimes needs a little moving around to ensure that everything is burning evenly and that is why we need a fireplace poker, or a stoker as it is sometimes referred to. This is essentially a long, iron, fire-proof rod which has an insulated handle so that you don’t burn your hand when moving the fire about.


Bellows are used to motivate the fire a little and give it some encouragement to keep burning. This is particularly important if you are putting a new log on some embers which appear to be dying. The bellow basically gathers air and pumps oxygen into the fire, which then causes it to burn at a higher temperature, and sets light to the new fuel which has been placed inside.


Tongs should have insulated handles and of course, they should be fire-proof. There are many uses for the tongs and you can utilize them to move the fire about or to remove things that have been sat in front of the fire. If you search well you can usually find a great set which features tongs, bellows and pokers.

Once you have all of your accessories, you will be all set to relax on an evening in front of that crackling fire.

The Many Benefits of Painting

Regardless of what age you are or what your hobbies are, painting can be very beneficial to your life. This is of course not to say that you are going to become a world-famous painter, perhaps you will, but picking up the brush and painting things that you see or that you fantasize about is actually a wonderful hobby that I would wholeheartedly recommend. I recent took a short class with a Devon artist who showed me some tips and techniques on how to be a better painter and they have really helped me to understand more about the world of painting. You don’t necessarily need a class however and as my good friend says ‘there is a painter in all of us’. When you do start to paint, here are some of the benefits which you can enjoy.


What better way to get away from the stresses and pressures of daily life than to pick up a paintbrush and get lost in a project? This is exactly what happens when you start to paint and it is a highly relaxing pastime. Very rarely will you sit down and complete a painting in a  matter of minutes, or even hours for that matter. What this means is that you will invest great time into planning and painting, all of which is a great way to relax.


Not only does painting allow you to let your creative juices flow, it also increases your creativity. You may think that you are not a creative person but once you start trying to put a piece together, you will see just how quickly your ability express yourself will improve. Let’s say you are trying to paint something as simple as a fruit bowl, and you paint it 4 times over, by the 4th painting you will have a far better understanding of colors, tones, shading and shadow, and these will greatly increase the accuracy and the quality of your work. You may not be the most creative person in the world, but there is definitely some creativity there if you can learn how to tap into it.


Many who have started painting watercolors will tell you that once you start painting things like landscapes or scenes, you start to gain a better appreciation for the world. Many of us will walk straight past a view or a scenic landscape, taking it completely for granted. Once you have started to paint these landscapes however, playing around with different ways of expressing it, you start to see far more beauty in the world around you than you ever did in the past. It is not just nature that you will appreciate either, you will also start to look at people in more detail and notice different quirks of life which you may have been previously blind to.

Open your eyes, get creative and use projects like this to take time out from the world and relax all of your troubles away.

Things Every Mom Should Keep in Her Car

It is often said that motherhood consists of many jobs rolled into one. You’re a nurse. You’re a chef. You’re a maid, a therapist, and––until your child reaches sixteen years of age––you are a chauffeur. You pick them up from school, drop them off for a playdate, and rush them over to dance practice, all in time for yet another drive back home for dinner. Often you might even find yourself carting around your child’s friends as well. As though you were hosting people in your home, you will want everyone to feel comfortable in your car. Here, we have listed some of the best things to keep in your car is a nice and safe place for everyone to be.

Now this one might seem obvious, but many of us are so busy that we forget to prepare this one. The glovebox is like a miniature pantry, and you should always try to keep it filled with granola bars and other non perishable snacks made with natural ingredients. The other mothers will appreciate the care this shows to their children, and the children will appreciate something to eat after a long day at school or practice. Most importantly, you’ll appreciate the calming effect that a little snack can have on a rambunctious group of toddlers. Everyone wins. It’s an obvious choice.

Grocery Bags
Now if you’re one of the messier moms (shhh, we won’t tell), you might even have this one already lying around in your trunk. It will amaze you how quickly snack time begins to result in a floor full of wrappers and crumbs. While you likely can’t stop them from making a mess, you can be prepared with a small and cheap way to dispose of detritus left behind. Roll up the grocery bags and keep them under the passenger seat. This way, they’ll always be on hand. Or better yet, when they’re old enough, use the bags to instruct them to clean up their own mess, a chance to teach them a lesson about responsibility.

An Extra Car Seat
This one primarily applies to mothers of young children, but it is nonetheless important. As mentioned before, sometimes you might unexpectedly playing chauffeur to other people’s children. Whether you’re filling in for a parent caught in traffic or helping out another family, you’ll want to be prepared for your guests. An extra car seat has saved us from several major headaches. Bonus points if you own a three car seat car. A bit of extra space never hurt anybody.

Picture Books
If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your children entertained (and more importantly, occupied) while you’re driving, then round up some of their favorite picture books. Although they may not yet be able to read fully (depending on age), they will surely enjoy the vibrant pictures on the page. It’s also a good way to give them some time away from screens and instill a love of reading.

Just take our word on this one.

Does Medical Marijuana Have The Ability To Stop Seizures?


New evidence points to a chemical derived from cannabis as an effective treatment for people suffering from seizures. In particular, the evidence suggests that this chemical is effective for patients who have drug-resistant types of epilepsy.

If you searched Google for “weed delivery near me,” you likely found Green Door West in your results. This is because we are the top provider of medical marijuana delivery in the Los Angeles area for patients suffering from epileptic seizures, and many other health conditions. We offer medical marijuana delivery to patients in need throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

Medical Cannabis’ History of Fighting and Treating Epilepsy

In 2013, an 8-year-old Colorado girl suffering from a debilitating and rare type of epilepsy, became known to the public when news broke stating that medical marijuana did what other drugs weren’t able to do by dramatically reducing the amount of seizures she had. There is new scientific research which offers evidence that marijuana might be an effective epilepsy treatment for a third of patients who, like the little 8-year-old girl, experience a form of the disease that’s resistant to treatment.

Limited Studies on Marijuana to Treat Seizures

A neurologist at New York State University’s Langone Medical Center and his colleagues from multiple research centers, recently published the results of a study on treatment-resistant epilepsy and cannabis. This study was the largest of its kind to-date, and it appeared in The Lancet Neurology. For the study, researchers gave a 99% CBD (cannabidoil, the non-psychoactive substance in cannabis) treatment to 162 patients who where then monitored for 12 weeks. Treatment was administered as an add-on to medications that patients were currently taking, and it was an open-label trial (all patients knew what they were receiving). Researchers for this study reported reduced motor seizures at a rate similar to pharmaceutical drugs existing at the time, and stated that 2% of patients became seizure free.

Some physicians take this study as good data showing that medical marijuana is relatively safe to give to patients experiencing epileptic seizures. As with any health condition, we recommend that if you want to use medical marijuana to treat seizures, you should speak to a doctor first. If you decide you want to use medical marijuana to treat seizures, you can get medical marijuana delivery through Green Door West. We offer Santa Monica marijuana delivery and solutions for “weed delivery near me” throughout the Los Angeles area.


Discover the rarest plants across the world.


Just like human beings, even plants breathe, thus making them living beings. By sowing some seeds, you might as well reap some new plants. Despite the numerous types of plants that exist across the world, there are many rare plants that we are unaware of.

Have you ever heard of the Nepenthes attenboroughii, the suicide plant, the western underground orchid or the Middlemist Red? These are few of the rarest plants across the Globe.

Nepenthes attenboroughii, also known as the Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant was discovered in Philippines in 2007. This plants’ distribution has been restricted as it is an endangered kind. Found only in the Palawan Province of the Philippines, this plant is described as a bell shaped pitcher which is large enough to trap rats.

The Suicide Plant, known originally as the Tahina spectabillis, can be found in Anallalava, Madagascar. Classified as strictly endangered, this plant grows until 50 years before producing an abrupt burst at the top. The plant then withers and dies.

We have all heard of orchids. However, there is a type of orchid that grows underground through its life cycle. Found in Western Australia, the underground Orchid is a rare species that grows only there.

Flowers can be found anywhere but there is a rare flower that can be found only in New Zealand’s garden and Britain’s greenhouse. Initially brought to Britain from China, there are only two plants of Middlemist Red now. The one situated in Britain was barren for years and has only started to bear flowers.

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In Bloom

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Thai Flower

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Is gorilla tourism in Africa helping to conserve mountain gorillas and their forested habitats?

Mountain gorillas are listed as critically endangered apes by the world conservancy IUCN due to the few numbers remaining in the wild, said to be less than 900 only living in the limited location of high altitude, (between 1,500 to 4,500 meters above sea level) habitats and ecosystems of the Virunga and bwindi – Mgahinga conservation areas which span across borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic republic of Congo. Currently gorilla trekking safaris and tours are conducted in four national parks of volcanoes in Rwanda, bwindi and Mgahinga national parks in Uganda and Virunga national park in the DRC.

The dense pristine montane rain forests can possibly be trekked with the rise of modern responsible tours and travel in gorilla destinations where gorilla tourism is highly limited to few nature lovers creating less impact on the natural environment and local cultures. Initially when gorilla national parks were being gazetted, conservation strategies were geared towards compensating local communities who could no longer access resources such as wild honey, bush meat and medicinal herbs from the forests.

In Rwanda alone 10 % of revenues from permit sales contribute to community development projects like wise in Uganda 20% of the money has helped people to appreciate gorillas and tourism. Infrastructure such as roads, schools, cultural villages, eco friendly lodges and rearing of domestic pigs, and goats are among the projects owned by local people who directly benefit from sustainable tourism business. Significantly poaching for bush meat, encroachment and human wildlife conflicts have reduced with increased sustainable livelihoods and reduced poverty levels.

On the first part of this page, gorillas are listed as critically endangered apes with 95% DNA similar to humans thus susceptible to contagious human diseases amongst other threats. when it comes to lessons of history, there are doubtless many things Rwanda has learnt from the past genocide in 1994 and civil wars in neighboring DRC’s north and south of kivu province that not only led to loss of lives and destruction of tourism infrastructures but also led to reduction of gorilla numbers destructing the course of gorilla tourism development mainly in Rwanda and DRC during the late 1990’s Whilst Uganda’s gorilla tourism was slowly thriving partly due to relative peace and security.

After the genocide in 1994, Rwanda prioritized tourism as a major economic activity that would bring foreign exchange with the government establishing a well managed tourism industry and conservation policies securing volcanoes national park which has turned out today to be Rwanda’s pride and prestigious tourist attraction overcoming the last 15 years of negative media coverage discouraging travelers to visit Rwanda. As a result of peace and security, good infrastructure and greening of tourism through responsible travel, gorilla numbers in Rwanda’s volcanoes national park have increased as well those in DRC and Uganda due to trans-boundary collaborative monitoring of gorillas by both countries.

Conservation initiatives such as baby gorilla naming ceremony in Rwanda, revenue sharing, vegetable and fruit growing and bee keeping inculcate community ownership of mountain gorillas while revival efforts embarked on aggressive marketing of gorilla trekking in Africa as a high end tourism product has brought gorilla destinations on the world scene compelling many travelers to plan trips to the Virunga region.

As a result of gorilla tourism, habitats and ecosystems have been restored and gazzatted staying under 24 hours of armed protection by rangers saving gorillas from the brink of extinction. Creating employment for local communities involved in the business of tourism who in turn encourage eco tourism through community and cultural tours around gorilla national parks. Consequently gorilla have gained international support since the ground breaking research of legendary primatologist Dian Fossey in the 1960’s, with international conservation bodies such as world wildlife fund, international gorilla conservation group, gorilla doctors setting up offices in gorilla national parks is an indication of how gorilla tourism has helped to conserve mountain gorillas and their habitats as well as development of local communities.

Underfloor Heating – Worth the Investment?


Heating your home from the ground up is one of the most effective forms of heating that you can possibly have. There are just so many reasons that this type of heating is far superior to other forms of heating and today we will talk a bit more about what makes it so special compared to traditional alternatives.


underfloor 2


Constantly improving technology

Underfloor heating is a heating technology that is gaining popularity at a startling rate and there are certainly some of the reasons for this below. This means that it is increasingly becoming more efficient and also effective. You can easily get some advice on this from or local plumbing professional.

It can be retrofitted

You don’t need to be a building a new home or apartment to benefit from underfloor heating, this is because it can be easily retrofitted underneath your existing floor. This is great for those living in older buildings, but want to benefit from everything that this type of heating can offer.

More room to move

One of the best advantages of heating your floor from the ground up is that there is no need to ever see or even think of your heater other than the controller itself. This is because the heating units are contained entirely under the floor and this gives you more space to enjoy and you do not need to work around heating units as you would with traditional heating.

An effective way to heat

Heat rises and this makes the use of underfloor heating a very effective way to heat, because the room heats from the bottom and the warm air naturally rises throughout the room. This is in contrast to other types of heating that sit in a particular part of a room and heat only from this location and the floor is the last part of the room to be heated due to the rising hot air.

Add a touch of luxury

The fact that the actual floor itself is being heated is an advantage in itself because it is an area that no other type of heating can properly address. This is particularly the case for homes with many floors that are a hard surface, such as tiles or floorboards. Floor heating can drastically improve the comfort and feel of rooms like bathrooms, especially if you live in a very cold area.