Advertising And How It’s Changed In Twenty Years


Advertising has been around as long as we can think, from the very old TV commercials in the fifties, radio jingles, billboards, bus stop seat backs and more. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of ways to advertise businesses, sales, promotions and more. These days the face of advertising has changed a lot what with the increasing global use of things like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. So just how has advertising changed in 20 years? We took a look at it and you might be surprised by the results!

Social Media

Social media has, in the last ten years, really taken off and become something that almost everyone has in some shape or form. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any of the other numerous social media streams available today, it seems that everyone is connected in some way at all times. Many have used this as a way to get noticed by potential customers by creating Facebook pages for their businesses – essentially an informative, interactive page where their business can be noticed, get reviews and interact with clients and customers. Add to this the ability to pay for sponsored ads on Facebook which target specific audiences and you have one awesome platform from which businesses can handle queries and complaints alongside posting about promotions and sales all in one place.

Less Air Time

Does anyone even listen to the radio anymore? It seems less and less of us do, and so fewer and fewer businesses are finding value in paying for radio ads. TV advertisements seem to still be a popular option, however with more people turning to streaming services as well as being able to pause, rewind or fast forward live TV, it’s making it less likely TV ads are being seen as well. In this sense more businesses are turning to online advertising to reach their audiences such as PPC Cornwall, an online form of advertising that many find valuable.

Website Ads

With more people online than ever before surfing the internet and doing various things online, it makes sense that companies want to capitalise on the potential for advertising. Many people who have private blogs or websites are able to make money off this as well through selling advertisement space to companies on their sites, something made possible through the likes of Google AdSpace. Facebook also sells ad space to big companies and tailors it using algorithms to target specific audiences.

Less Paper

Fewer companies are focusing on putting ads in newspapers, magazines or as flyers today as well. Not only are companies promoting more interest in the environment and reducing waste, but more and more people are opting to read the news or magazines online. The result is more digitised versions of advertisements through websites or even the online versions of newspapers and magazines which works well for not just businesses but the environment as well! Win-win!

So there you have a couple of key ways advertising has changed in the last twenty years or so and the ways it’s developing as the world changes.