Fishing Holidays With Your Friends

I think fishing holidays are a great way to spend your time away from the office. Since I was a kid I have been going on fishing holidays in Cornwall, they’ve given me some of my best memories and those memories keep being added to each time I go.

I love getting out in nature and casting out the line in to the rive, but I much prefer to do it with my friends. I must admit that for a while it was a bit tricky trying to convince my buddies to come along with me, the city boys didn’t like the idea at first! After a great sales pitch by myself they all decided to join me for a long weekend down in Cornwall. Since then we’ve been back several times, they absolutely loved it!

The fishing is obviously the main part but there are so many other things to love about a fishing holiday. If you’re trying to convince your friends then here’s what you can tell them to expect.


Take that IPad, iPhone and laptop, lock them in the car and enjoy chatting to your mates like we used to – old fashioned conversation. If there was ever an activity that encourages the group to chat it is fishing, so it is the ideal way to spend some quality time with your friends. Fishing spots in Cornwall are so tranquil and relaxing, being in this type of environment allows you to disconnect and chat for hours.


The world seems to be flying around at such a crazy pace these days and city life can be super stressful. A holiday should be all about having a fun and relaxing time, fishing is the ideal way to have fun and also relax. So find a nice quiet spot on the riverbank, cast off with your rod, open a beer, snack on your picnic, then enjoy one of the most relaxing holidays you’ll ever have with your friends.

Great Value

When you’re first buying all the kit it can be a little pricey, but it lasts for a lifetime – unless you fancy an upgrade. Every hobby costs a bit of cash at first, so it is to be expected. Once you’ve bought everything the running costs come very low indeed and offers great value for money. If your friends are beginners then they can always hire the kit they need for the holiday – you’ll always find this at super low prices too.

For as long as I can remember I have been going to Perran Springs in Cornwall, I can’t recommend the place enough.

Here are the details so you can find them next time you go away.

Perran Springs Holiday Park