Sprucing Up Your Home With Ease


When it comes to redoing our homes, it can be easy to get carried away with focusing on rooms like the living room, bedrooms or kitchen, but did you know that dining areas can use a little TLC too? Many people often forget about the dining room, leaving it to stay back in time with other sometimes neglected rooms. Normally this space gets neglected if you have a separate dining area instead of one incorporated in your kitchen either as a breakfast nook or small dining table. Here are some great ways you can begin to do up your dining area to make it more modern and elegant with just a few simple changes!

The Table

When it comes to the table, it seems these days less is more. Fewer people are opting for those huge, wooden tables that seat ten or twelve people with matching heavy wooden chairs and are going instead for sleeker, more modern, country kitchen kind of tables. Some people in smaller spaces either have a breakfast bar as their permanent table or they go with tables that can fit into tiny corners with minimal seating. If you want to host friends, consider purchasing a table with removable leaf so that you can make it smaller when you aren’t playing party host.


If you like the mish mash kind of vibe that most people are going for these days, consider using many different types of chairs in your dining space. A little kitschy, a little country kitchen, the mix of colours, styles, and cushioning can really add some character to a space. While it depends what else you have going on with the dining area – for example, a heavy china cabinet might not work well with a table of mix n’ match chairs – it can work with a kitchen breakfast nook or in an apartment with similar style.


Decorating the dining area can help bring a great ambience to the room, especially when you’re having those romantic dinners for two or when you have friends over. Great candle holders are a perfect way to decorate a table easily, elegantly and without being over the top. Use elegant and simple floral arrangements for a smaller table. In conjunction with candle holders, simple flowers make the perfect centrepiece.


There are so many options for placemats out there these days that it’s a wonder not everyone uses them! From elegant woven bamboo to impressive marble-like slabs, placemats can be as simple or as fancy as you like. Matching coasters are also often available with many people using placemats to make a table setting look more elegant. Check your local china or home furnishing store for the wide variety they surely have on offer.

So if you’re one of those people who has done up every room of their home but have neglected the dining room, worry no more. Hopefully these few tips will get you on the road to having the ultimate in entertaining space.