The Many Benefits of Painting

Regardless of what age you are or what your hobbies are, painting can be very beneficial to your life. This is of course not to say that you are going to become a world-famous painter, perhaps you will, but picking up the brush and painting things that you see or that you fantasize about is actually a wonderful hobby that I would wholeheartedly recommend. I recent took a short class with a Devon artist who showed me some tips and techniques on how to be a better painter and they have really helped me to understand more about the world of painting. You don’t necessarily need a class however and as my good friend says ‘there is a painter in all of us’. When you do start to paint, here are some of the benefits which you can enjoy.


What better way to get away from the stresses and pressures of daily life than to pick up a paintbrush and get lost in a project? This is exactly what happens when you start to paint and it is a highly relaxing pastime. Very rarely will you sit down and complete a painting in a  matter of minutes, or even hours for that matter. What this means is that you will invest great time into planning and painting, all of which is a great way to relax.


Not only does painting allow you to let your creative juices flow, it also increases your creativity. You may think that you are not a creative person but once you start trying to put a piece together, you will see just how quickly your ability express yourself will improve. Let’s say you are trying to paint something as simple as a fruit bowl, and you paint it 4 times over, by the 4th painting you will have a far better understanding of colors, tones, shading and shadow, and these will greatly increase the accuracy and the quality of your work. You may not be the most creative person in the world, but there is definitely some creativity there if you can learn how to tap into it.


Many who have started painting watercolors will tell you that once you start painting things like landscapes or scenes, you start to gain a better appreciation for the world. Many of us will walk straight past a view or a scenic landscape, taking it completely for granted. Once you have started to paint these landscapes however, playing around with different ways of expressing it, you start to see far more beauty in the world around you than you ever did in the past. It is not just nature that you will appreciate either, you will also start to look at people in more detail and notice different quirks of life which you may have been previously blind to.

Open your eyes, get creative and use projects like this to take time out from the world and relax all of your troubles away.