Essential Tools For Your Fireplace

There are few sweeter moments in this world than sitting at home on a cold night, relaxing by your fireplace as the flames leap and dance, the logs crackle and the smell of burning wood fills the air. If you are fortunate enough to have a real fireplace or hearth in your home then it is something which you should definitely make use of. In recent decades we have seen the disappearance of these real fires, as many close up their chimneys in favor of modern heating systems and radiators. If however you are the type of enjoys relaxing by the fire, here are some of the essential tools which you will need.


You can run just about anything that you wish to but the longest burning fuel is of course logs, and you need to make sure that you know where to get your hands on them. You can buy pre-cut logs or you can cut the logs on your own, the choice is yours. Make sure that you get a nice wrought iron log basket to store your logs in, which can give an authentic look to the fireplace.


The andiron for your fire is an important bit of kit which you are going to need if you haven’t already. Basically this is the part of the hearth which is on the face of the fire, and which stops the logs from falling out. You should make sure that this is sturdy and well welding to the fireplace as if it fails, you will end up with smoldering embers on the floor, which presents a very real risk of setting the house on fire, something we all wish to avoid.


The fire sometimes needs a little moving around to ensure that everything is burning evenly and that is why we need a fireplace poker, or a stoker as it is sometimes referred to. This is essentially a long, iron, fire-proof rod which has an insulated handle so that you don’t burn your hand when moving the fire about.


Bellows are used to motivate the fire a little and give it some encouragement to keep burning. This is particularly important if you are putting a new log on some embers which appear to be dying. The bellow basically gathers air and pumps oxygen into the fire, which then causes it to burn at a higher temperature, and sets light to the new fuel which has been placed inside.


Tongs should have insulated handles and of course, they should be fire-proof. There are many uses for the tongs and you can utilize them to move the fire about or to remove things that have been sat in front of the fire. If you search well you can usually find a great set which features tongs, bellows and pokers.

Once you have all of your accessories, you will be all set to relax on an evening in front of that crackling fire.