Tips To Make Wedding Planning A Breeze


Are you getting married this summer or even into next year and you’re beginning to stress about how you’re going to be able to manage all the things that need to be done, places to be viewed, foods to be tasted and more? It can be a daunting task to say the least in terms of getting everything straight in your head and ready and many brides cave under the pressure and become stressed out and snappy. Here are a couple of wedding planning tips to help reduce the stress and pressure so you can enjoy the whole process from engagement to honeymoon.

Enlist Help

Getting the help of your bridesmaids, friends or parents to help you in pinning down a to do list is a great idea to lessen the stress on yourself and help spread tasks out so that you don’t need to worry about each and every detail. While some things will naturally be handled by the chief bridesmaid, many other things will need your final say, so consider sitting down with everyone and seeing what people can take on and what they can’t so you have a better idea of who is on board with helping and what they can tackle for you.

Hire A Wedding Planner

If money isn’t too big a worry, consider hiring a wedding planner to help you with the preparations. Wedding planners are paid big money to help create the wedding of your dreams and will help with almost every single aspect of the wedding from the moment you sign their contract. They will essentially hold your hand throughout the process and help you make all the big decisions. Many have degrees in interior design or fashion, adding to the list of knowledge they have about colours, design and decor.

Tackle The Big Things First

The big things are the most important things, so you should take those on first and foremost. Consider looking into the venue, music, caterer, registrar and cake first. Another thing to consider is your Devon wedding photography among the ‘big things’. You don’t want to leave any of these aspects to chance and end up having to go with second or even third choices on the most important day of your life!

So if you’re getting married soon, hopefully these tips have helped you relax a bit and be able to approach your wedding planning stress free. Good luck and enjoy!!

2019 Wedding Season Survival Guide


Now that 2019 is here and taking off with speed, you might be expecting to get invited to a wedding or four this coming summer. While weddings can be a great time and are really enjoyable, the stress of finding the perfect gift, the perfect outfit or a hotel room can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve written this handy wedding season survival guide!

The Outfit

When it comes to outfits, weddings are your one chance to really get dolled up and wear your best. Typically men will want to wear a suit unless the wedding is casual, with women typically opting for dresses or flowy trousers with a shimmery or floral top for summer weddings. Buying a wedding outfit can sometimes work out to be fairly expensive, but it doesn’t have to, and in fact you can reuse many outfits from past weddings or from more formal functions you’ve been to in the past. Try not to wear the same outfit to weddings in the same family though as it’s sometimes seen as a bit of a social faux pas.

The Gift

The gift is always a stressful part for many people who are attending weddings but with more and more couples living together before marriage these days, the days of gift registries and buying pots and pans are somewhat behind us. Cash is king for wedding gifts in recent years and for good reason – with cash the couple can choose what to spend it on and they don’t end up with four ice cream scoops or two toasters which is preferable to how things used to be!

The Party

The wedding reception is always a great time and well worth sticking around late into the night for. With everyone in a party mood, amazing food to be had, and a great dance afterwards, it’s easy to see why receptions are such great fun. Not only this, but depending on the family and the couple getting married there may or may not be an open bar, meaning you don’t pay a cent for drinks. Some people may have a full pay bar where you pay a regular price for drinks and some others will have a pound or two pound bar where all drinks are a set price. Whatever type of bar or reception though, you’re almost guaranteed to have a great time.

So if you’ve been wondering about your next wedding and what you should do for the outfit, the gift or what kind of reception you might be in for, hopefully this short wedding guide will help you prepare yourself for wedding season!